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Houston Criminal Attorney James Sullivan represents adults  statewide accused of theft, fraud, forgery and other such crimes of moral turpitude. James Sullivan has the experience and expertise to defend anyone facing such serious charges.  He has fought the government since 1994 and has successfully represented over 3,000 clients.

The big thieves hang the little ones. ~Czech proverb

Houston criminal lawyer James Sullivan cares about his clients and gets proven results. He frequently counsels with clients at his office for hours at a time.  He listens to their concerns, answers all of their questions and discusses legal strategies. He also explains how a criminal conviction could affect them, how to avoid having a conviction on their record, and how to get on the right path for a successful life. Because Sullivan understands that people need to honor work and family commitments, he offers afternoon, early evening and same day appointments along with free parking.

Jim Sullivan is appreciative of the clients that take the time to write a client review.

James Sullivan is a great lawyer and a great person. In June, I was arrested after drinking too much and damaged a parked car. I was charged with a Class A misdemeanor of criminal mischief. As a medical professional, I cannot have any convictions on my record or I risk losing my ability to work in the healthcare field. James was able to get my charges dismissed after paying restitution and taking a short decision-making course.
Getting the charges dismissed was awesome and I am extremely grateful that James Sullivan was able to hash out a deal with the prosecution, but what I enjoyed most was his calm yet confident demeanor. He never rushed phone calls or made me feel hurried. When I was arrested and still in custody, James spoke with my nervous girlfriend. He was able to calmly explain the charges, options and likely outcome which made her feel at peace. We also had an overseas vacation planned that conflicted with my first court date. We had to leave before the court date and would not return until several days afterward. James assured us we could leave on the vacation as scheduled and he would go to court and reset my court date until after we returned. A few days later I received his text message that he did reset the court date so that we could continue to enjoy our vacation on a sunny Caribbean island.
I highly recommend James Sullivan for anyone looking to get the best outcome. His rates are very reasonable and the value he provides in terms of customer service is unparalleled. ~anonymous (Avvo review)

If you need a Texas criminal defense attorney, call James Sullivan at 281-546-6428.

Our Houston criminal lawyers defend clients charged with crimes in district courts and county criminal courts, including domestic violence (assault of a family member), drug possession or drug delivery, violent crimes, and juvenile delinquency.