Houston Criminal Defense Attorney Will Protect You from the Legal Storms Coming Your Way

Houston Criminal Defense Attorneys James Sullivan and Associates
The time to repair the roof is when the sun is shining. ~John F. Kennedy, 35th president of the United States, 20th century
Houston Criminal Lawyers James Sullivan and Associates offer strong legal advice and words of wisdom even before charges are brought.  Whether you are being investigated by the police or by CPS, you should contact and retain defense attorneys to advise you before you are arrested and subject to interrogation.  You should know your legal rights and your options.  Be prepared for the legal storms that may soon bear down upon you by the government.
  • Do not be intimidated.
  • Do not go to court alone.
  • Do not give up.  Call a serious criminal lawyer.
Houston Criminal Defense Attorneys James Sullivan and Associates have over 65 years of collective legal experience in defending fellow Texans against governmental prosecution.  Be prepared.  

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Our Houston criminal lawyers defend clients charged with crimes in district courts and county criminal courts, including domestic violence (assault of a family member), drug possession or drug delivery, violent crimes, and juvenile delinquency.